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Red with light tile taint.The nose reminds of the Mediterranean countryside, full of wild herbs, hints of sour cherries & bitter almonds. Medium body with a creamy texture without lacking acidity.
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S B M  G R E N A C H E  2 0 2 0

Varietal composition : Grenache Rouge 100%

Category : Varietal Wine

Vines : 25 years old vine planted in stony-clay red soil of parental slate subsoil. The management and development of the ecosystem is entirely based on Bio-Agricultural practices (the vineyard is under the process of certification)

Yied : Average 1,05 tn/1000 m2

Harvest Period :  12-15th September

Maturation and Cellaring : After the end of alcoholic fermentation of uncrushed berries in open oak casks, the wine is transfused by 50% in second use oak barrels and 50% cement recipients. The stay may vary from 8-12 months. Every vintage matures further in the bottle for 6 months before being released in the market

Ageing potential : 8 years

Analysis : 14.3% alc by vol., residual sugars 2.0 g/l, total acidity 5.5 g/l in tartaric acid, ph 3.71

Serving temperature : 16-18 oC

Recommended pairings : cannelloni, moussaka, casserole beef with aubergines, duck fillet 


Withdrawing-Returns-Faulty Products

The Shopper has the right (Article 3ε-3ια, Law 2251/1994), within 14 days from the Products’ pickup, and as long as they haven’t been unwrapped or consumed-damaged or likewise, to withdraw from the sales contract and return the Products to the Seller, claiming a full refund, a cancellation of the credit or debit card’s charge, in cash or with a security, a choice solely apt to the Seller. This right is always applied in paper, with paper or electronic mail to the Seller. In the mail they must be thoroughly described the Products returned and the cause for returning, under the necessary condition to send the mail to the Seller either a)via e-mail, to the address, with subject “withdrawing, Article 4&10, Law 2251/1994”, either b) printed letter accompanying the product, or c) visiting the shop at a mutually agreed time and completing a printed form.

In the above case, the Shopper recognizes and accepts that he will be compensated with the  retuthe returned’s worth , practicing his/her right as described above, apart from the transportation charges the Seller was burdened in order to deliver the Products(if any). The Products’ returning will be carried out with the Shopper’s expenses and supervision to the Seller’s facilities, accompanied by the Seller’s relevant documentation 

The Seller is entitled to refuse accepting returned products, if they have undergone damages, and not return their worth to the Shopper..

The Seller is obliged, according to the above, to receive the returned Products and pay their worth to the Shopper in cash, or in security, within 30 days the latest from the moment of delivery.

This right can be practiced at any time from the moment the order is placed, or before the payment.

If the Shopper withdraws from the contract after the delivery of the Products, and after 30-days since he /she complained in paper to the Seller for the specific reasons, does not return  successfully the Products to the Seller, then it is hereby agreed that this action constitutes a revocation of his right and the definite acceptance of the Products.

7.The withdrawal right, as described in Articles  3ε to 3ια of Law 2251/1994 for the long-distance and beyond the shop commercial contracts, is not valid in relation to :# the supply of products specifically manufactured according to the consumer’s standards, or clearly personalized products, #products that can be tampered  or are about to expire soon, #alcohol spirits, which price has been agreed around the time of the contract conclusion, but the delivery of the products can only be realized  after 30 days, and the actual price depends on the market’s fluctuations, for which the supplier cannot control and which the Seller may merchandise. (Article 3ιβ Ν.2251/1994)

8. The aforementioned right does not restrict the Shopper’s right to ask for a replacement or refund, mistakenly delivered in relation to his/her order, or faulty products(damaged, featuring lack of agreed characteristics, etc.), packaged or not.

9. The Products are considered faulty when they don’t have the mutually agreed characteristics, they have damages, or are partly consumed, they don’t have features essential for their composition(label) or instructions of use, where necessary.

Products mistakenly ordered are not considered faulty, nor Products that were damaged by the Shopper during unpackaging, and generally, from the Shopper’s intentional or unintentional actions and omissions.

The Shopper is entitled to request the replacement of the faulty Products, judged objectively and fairly, or the reduction of price according to the fault’s extent, or a full refund. In any case, the Shopper accepts and agrees that the responsibility of the Seller is limited to the full worth of the Products and does not extend beyond this worth, not even in positive damages the latter may claim to have suffered  because of the fault or faults, nor of consequential damage, nor any other damages(e.g. moral).

In case of inadvertently mistaken quantity in relation to the requested one of the Products, the Seller bears the expenses so as to restore the damage. The Shopper, in case bigger quantity is ordered, may pay their worth within 7 days and purchase the products or request a refund under the Seller’s responsibility.

In any other case, the Shopper agrees that he is not entitled, otherwise quit any other right for, refund against the Seller, the responsibility of which is limited to the restoration of the proper quantities ordered, as described above.

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