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 Every winemaker on earth says “WINE IS MADE IN THE VINEYARD…”,


To maintain their heritage and enhance sustainability of vineyards, Akrani Team is committed to grow wine grapes using the principles of “ecological engineering”. They ensure a healthy balance between vine, soil, water and natural biodiversity.

Use of chemical herbicides, insecticides, fungicides is not an option. To control disease development as well as the overpopulation of some harmful insects, they implement respectively preventive treatments with inorganic soil elements and natural enemies in the food chain. In addition, homemade formulations based on aromatic plants’ extracts are sprayed for their antifungal action. These Mediterranean plants are also an exquisite nourishing ingredient for the bees, as they enrich with unique flavors their honey.

Regarding the soil annual management, the native grasses are left in the field, something very appealing to a great number of beneficial insects. There is only one laboring of the soil that takes place beginning of summer, in order to cut their strains, which help the soil to better maintain its water reserves. When it comes to supplying the earth with organic material, a homemade compost from solid and liquid residues of the vinification is incorporated.

This way, part of the nutrition that mother land consumed for its crop is returned back to the natural source.

“We believe that unique wines are born from old vines, because they can express the bedrock of our soils. For us, the stewardship of an alive ecosystem, with all the micro-organisms in full action, leads to a soil that can properly breathe and so the root structure also can.  We pursue deep roots and trunk thickness that encourages diversity of flavors and character in our wines.

But mostly, we would like to see next generation inherit a fertile and sustainable land”