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In 1979, a young couple, Antonis and Mary Triantafyllopoulou, decided to settle in Kos island. Here, they make their home, they work, they grow their children. Fifteen years later they feel the urge to pay back the hospitality they experienced in Kos island by creating something new. Both wine enthusiasts, they envisioned reviving wine cultivation in Kos, which had almost become extinct  due to the rapid growth of tourism. They quest for land, in the area Miniera Asfendiou, where –in ancient times –there were vines purveying all the ports in Mediterranean and the Black Sea with the famous “melantaton” (deep red) and “lefkokoon”(light-coloured) Kos’ wine.

In 1996 they initiate, in a 17.000m² property at the foothills of mountain Dikaios, planting international varieties, in collaboration with professor Dimitris Stavrakas. Their first wines got bottled in 2003, while in 2007 they accomplish Kos to be included in the Greek  Protected Designation of Origin label, thus safeguarding the island’s wine-making identity.

  Those first vines-now 25-years-old-provide the excellent, condensed wines KTIMA AKRANI SINGLE VINEYARD MINIERA, representing the aforementioned, historic vine fields, but also signifying the launching of Ktima Akrani to the world of wine.