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To buy a product, the Shopper can create a user account or proceed to a single buy without signing in. Personal data that the Seller collects via the account will be solely used for the purposes of the sales’ contract execution, and their processing is governed by the specifications set by the Protection of Personal Data Policy.

Adding Products to the basket is simply preparatory and does not consist a proposal for concluding a contract. This proposal is realized with the confirmation of the order to the Seller’s server, after the Shopper has selected the preferred method of delivery.

 The proposal for the purchase contract conclusion is realized after the confirmation of the order in the Seller’s server, after the Shopper has selected the preferred method of delivery.

The sales contract is only drawn up after a confirmation message has been sent to the Shopper’s e-mail provider, confirming the availability of the products and the preparation for their shipment, according to the method the Shopper has selected.

With the contract conclusion as mentioned above, the Seller is obliged-as described in the specifications and terms of agreement for the time and method of delivery of the Products- to set the Products available for delivery.

The Seller remains its right not to conclude a sales contract with the Shopper, after receiving the order where the latter has declared in paper that he has reservations agreeing to the present Contract, in general or partly.

Posting a product for sale means it is immediately available or the possibility to be available within an eloquent time span. In case the Seller uncausedly cannot provide the posted Products for sale, it is obligatory to inform the Shoppers with a written notification. In case of a valid sales contract, the Shopper has the right to withdraw from the contract, ask for a credit or refund.

The Shopper can select the payment method:

Either in cash on delivery, to pick up the products from the Seller’s shop.

Either in cash on delivery, to pick up the products from a courier service.

Either  with deposition to a Seller’s bank account announced to the Seller during the confirmation of the order-and, in any case, these are (IBAN):

PIRAEUS BANK - GR33 0172 7070 0057 0701 3269 879 - PIRBGRAA

ALPHA BANK - GR23 0140 7810 7810 0200 2007 236 - CRBAGRAA

Either by credit card

Either via PayPal, according to the specifications and terms that underpin the PayPal payments.[relative information on  PayPal website, ]   

In case of cash on delivery as the preferred payment method, the Shopper has to pay the agreed value when picking up the products from the Seller’s shop. Otherwise, the Seller is not obliged to deliver, or credit the price.

In case of credit the price, specified terms will aply, after the parties have renown their agreement. The Seller does not agree or accept the sale of its Products on credit. A specific agreement of the two parties is possible.

In case deposit on a Seller’s bank account is selected as the preferred payment method, the Shopper is obliged to notify the Seller with e-mail  or fax (2242069622)  about the register of the payment order via e-banking or traditional deposit in a bank’s branch.

Payment by a credit card is realized via e-banking software, and the Seller does not bear any responsibility on the operation and safety of this software. During the transaction, the Shopper is aware and accepts that he transacts immediately with the Bank, and the Seller has no influence or intervention, nor could it have, during the process of entering the data of the credit-debit-prepaid card of the Shopper. For every issue concerning the operation of the electronic payment system, the Shopper agrees and accepts to address only the bank that provides this payment system.

For every damage the Shopper may have due to the bank’s software or due to malware installed with or without the bank’s authorization to its system, the Seller agrees orally that neither the Shopper has any legal claim against the Seller for the specific cause.

The Seller never saves or request to save any credit or debit card data of the Shopper, either via the profile-account of the user, either via phone, either via e-mail, or via any other internet service. The Shopper is obligated to be aware of the above and get protected from any action taken from a third party, possibly usurping unlawfully the Seller’s features. This third party may, using any means automatic or not, actively or passively activated, including malware, request access to credit or debit card data of the Shopper, as well as passwords.

In any case the Seller will send and deliver the Products sold in the agreed timeline, not via money transfer, but actual deposit on its account of the value in question.

The Shopper must choose during the placement of the order the preferred delivery method: a) either from any Seller’s shop, or b) delivery in the appointed by the Seller address.

The Shopper acknowledges his/her obligation to pick up, 5 days at the latest from the agreed date of delivery, the purchased Products, after paying the price, from the Seller’s shops. Otherwise, it becomes overdue and may cause their destruction. In case cash on payment is agreed upon, the Seller has no obligation to keep the Products on behalf of the Shopper if the date expires. The Seller has also the right to withdraw from the sales contract, not excluding the Shopper’s compensation for every positive damage the Seller has suffered for supplying the Products.

The Seller bears the responsibility in b) aforementioned case, to transfer and deliver the Products in the appointed address with its own means of transport or a third cooperating party’s (a delivery service). The Products are transported in danger of the Seller company, and the Shopper agrees to bear the cost of transportation, as is analytically described and notified during the placement of the electronic order.

 The cost of transportation is not a part of the total cost-worth of the Products for sale, and not paying it is equals the non-payoff the Seller, the latter having the right to obstruct the Shopper from picking up the Products from the shop in the agreed date. In case of refusal on the part of the Shopper to pick up the Products, he is overdue and risks their destruction.

 Prior to the delivery of the Products the Seller may communicate with the Shopper, even by phone, to the information details the Shopper himself or herself has provided the Seller for processing, in order to agree on the specific time and location of delivery.

 In case the delivery address is wrong, or for any reason, the delivery is not realized, for reasons beyond the Seller’s sphere of influence, and, in any case, without the company’s fault, the Shopper accepts and agrees that he will be burdened the extra charges in any following attempt to deliver the Products.

The Products’ pick up will burden solely the Shopper or the third party authorized and announced to the Seller. In any case, this third party/person must be fully capable of legal transactions(adult).

The Shopper or this authorized third person is bound to check, at the time of delivery, the Products for any obvious defaults or damages.

The Seller does not bear any responsibility and the Shopper recognizes and accepts that he/she has no claim against the company, for every damage of his/her property, physical damage, or even loss of life of himself/herself or others in his responsibility, because of the use of Products, irrelevant of the Shopper’s responsibility or a third party’s , in relation to the unfortunate event.

The Seller does not undertake, nor is obliged, nor provides any type of guarantee or insurance in relation to the appropriacy of the intended sales use, the way the Products are used. All the above are strictly in the discretion of the Shopper solely.