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Ktima Akrani’s winery gradually is being erected  in 2001, at the foothills of mountain Dikaios, next to the first plantations, in the clay-rocky soil of Miniera. Having as a primary principle the respect towards the raw material, the 2.500m² infrastructures are equipped with up-to-date machinery. The winery, of approximately 3,000 bottles potential, and certified with ISO22000, is fully-built in 2004, and opens its gates to the public from the very first day.

Ktima Akrani’s family envisages an open space, a hospitable place. In a short time span the winery has turned into a reference point for people world-wide. Here, visitors get in touch not only with the end-products of Ktima Akrani’s crops, but also with the history and the modern, living Kos’ civilization. Strolling among the vines, the production rooms, the permanent exhibition of Greek painters’ paintings, a visitor gets communicated the passion of the family to revive wine cultivation in the island, and the modern wine-making philosophy of the family as well. Wine tasting is accompanied by characteristic products of Dodekanisos’ gastronomic tradition, overlooking the neighboring islands of Pserimos and Kalymnos.

AKRANI series is addressed to the 700,000 friends that have visited the winery so far, and those aspiring to visit us in the future. Wines immediate, friendly, plethoric, just the way Ktima Akrani understands hospitality.