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Terms of Use

A. General

Present general terms are applied and are valid and mandatory for every user navigating the website and its parts that are posted in the internet under the brand name “”, as well as every other website posted in a minor to the aforementioned brand name (subdomain).

Navigation in the website and the use of information or services it contains constitutes an unreserved acceptance of the present terms, the latter being available for recitation and studying around the clock without any restrictions, to the point an average person’s perception and experience permits, namely in the footer of the website through the link ………………………………………………………..

under the brand name “

An exception to the above rule is the operation of the website that requires special authorization of the user or any other declaration, beyond the acceptance of navigation in the website.

The present website is a space for presentation, promotion and operation of Ktima Akrani’s e-shop. It includes information of the company and its organization, along with the e-shop itself. From the e-shop, in accordance to the following specifically defined, consumers can contract with the company and purchase all the available products.

The administrator of the webpage is the company with the brand name “IRIDANOS-VINE LIMIT LIABILITY COMPANY, TOURIST HOTEL AND AGRICULTURAL BUSINESSES” under the distinctive title “KTIMA AKRANI-IRIDANOS-VINE L.T.D.” , VAT number 997135138 and General Electronic Commercial Registry:134292020000, located in Kos Municipality(Lambi), legally represented (so forth called the Seller)

Contact details area) via phone +302242069860, b)fax +302242069622, c) e-mail

The seller company has taken into consideration the Greek Consumer Code for Electronic Commerce (ΦΕΚ 969/Β/22-3-2017)

B. Content not owned by the Seller’s e-shop

The content posted on sections “THE EARLY DAS.”, “WINE TRAILS”. “HYBRID DNA.”, “VINEYARDS”, “TASTING EXPERIENCES” , is a recent informative content for the company, the winery, its other activities, the blog, and information on the services provided from the Seller besides internet and are irrelevant to the e-shop.

Shift of content of the above sections does not constitute a shift of the legal identity of the company, nor a conception of the identity of the e-shop owner, as clearly defined in present terms and conditions, according to Law 2251/1994.

C. Definitions

In short, while wording the general terms and conditions of the transactions, from now on the following terms will be used:

As “shop”, we refer to the electronic shop of the Seller for selling products, posted and operating in the present website, accessible via the links:,,

“Seller” henceforth is the aforementioned company that has the exclusive responsibility of the content of the present website and is always the counterparty seller for every purchase taking place via this website.

It is informed to the users-consumers that the seller company is registered in the Register of Suppliers, thus, can conclude Contracts at a Distance. The Register is kept at the General Commercial Registry under the number 134292020000

“Shopper” is henceforth each user that browses-navigates- in the sections of the webpage, either aiming to purchase products from the Seller, or not.

“Contract” is henceforth the present text and all its subsections.

“Products”are henceforth all available for purchase products from the shop.

You may not, without our prior written consent, copy, reproduce, crawl, frame, republish, download, print, post, distribute, re-post, broadcast, record, transmit, edit, communicate to the public, link to, deep-link into, or distribute in any way the web pages or materials on the Website or the computer codes or elements comprising the Website other than solely for your own personal or internal business use. You may not use the content of the Website for any commercial purposes whatsoever.

D. The Electronic Shop- Products’ Presentation

Present terms and conditions of transactions (contract) constitute the sum of transactions that are carried out in the present e-shop, and every aspect of purchasing products available, as a whole.

There is no chance of modification of the Contract or products’ purchase conditional on the modification. The Seller is not obliged to examine, nor accept any Shopper’s request to modify any section of this Contract.

In the E-shop the Seller posts the available products into categories. It is likely the same Product to be posted in different categories at the same time. The purchase of a product is exclusively considered a retail purchase.

Every product available for sale is presented in Shoppers in a special single post, which includes illustrations of one, at least, photo.

In this single post it is clearly recorder the price of the product, the VAT surcharge valid at the time, the ability to select specific features-as long as they are available-, the analytical description of the product and its standards, the desired quantity in units (sequence number) and any other information illustrative of the product, according to the modification in rule described in Article 4, Law 2251/1994.

Posted prices next to each product for sale do not include charges for packaging and transport, for which the Shopper is informed during the placement of the order, depending on the delivery method of the Product or Products selected.

The Seller reserves its right to unlimitedly change the description of each product and their prices. Posting them does not constitute a suggestion to conclude a contract. The price of a product is agreed as definite after the placement of the order on the behalf of the Shopper, not solely by adding to the basket.

In case the price of a Product changes, for any reason, after the placement of the order, the Seller acknowledges its obligation to inform the Shopper in paper. The Shopper is entitled to withdraw the sales contract, to request a credit instrument in accordant with the current legislation, or a refund in cash-reversal, in case he had already paid the counter value of the Product.

The Seller owns a secondary software of social interaction between each promoted product and the Shopper, such as hyperlinks to share the Product via e-mail, social networks, etc.

The Seller bears no responsibility for the User’s inability to share the hyperlink of a shop’s product, since this inability does not stem from the company’s software, nor from its domain, except for services and software administered third parties-providers of information technology services.

Likewise, the Seller does not bear any responsibility for the content’s accuracy, posted on the internet by the websites’ designers of the products the company sells via the e-shop. The company can,  entirely in its discretion, quote via a hyperlink to those pages.

E. Specific responsibilities and Obligations of the Shopper-User.

Beyond the responsibilities and obligations of the Shopper, as agreed by the above contracting parties, the Shopper and any user of the webpage, acknowledges the responsibility to refund the Seller for every damage the company suffers because of fraudulent or severely neglectful behavior of the former. The Shopper must pay the amount set by the court or extrajudicially, to third parties because of the Shopper’s behavior. The present clause of procedural guarantee is also applied to any person, physical or legal, who may be employed, representative, delegate, or connected to the Seller.

Specifically in relation to the website, the Shopper acknowledges his/her responsibility to use its services and navigate in it according to the good practices and transaction ethics, not to violate, interacting with the shop’s services, his/her duty to comply with the ethics of Internet Users, not to attempt illegally entering the server hosted in the e-shop, or its Administration level, not to create artificial congestion in the server, and , generally, not perform any action that could set the website out of order, degrade its response time, or its speed, or its interconnection to its database, or endanger all the above, via the Web(www) or via e-mails, or any presently known or unknown way could obtain or endanger the same result.

The website and its content are available as they are, and the Seller does not bear any responsibility or obligation, nor guarantees in total: a) the accuracy, quality, thoroughness and validity of its content in general, b) the content that may stem from third parties s automatically inserted in its page or is linked to other webpages(hyperlnks), c) that the website is available via server, free from viruses, malware, or other similar applications.

The Shopper and each user of the e-shop acknowledges the responsibility to get protected from any virus, malware, or any similar applications. At the e-shop there are hyperlinks leading to other websites exclusively in order to facilitate the user. The presence of a hyperlink itself does not mean that the Seller is aware, approves, or accepts the content of the webpages the hyperlinks lead. The Seller does not bear any responsibility in relation to any damage caused to an e-shop user, directly or indirectly connected to its use and its content recovery.

Without excluding the legal uses of the e-shop content, it is not allowed to permanently store in any storage means, print or reproduce in any way and by any means, the whole or part of it, or the e-shop’s layout for purposes other than those in accordance with its legal use.

F. Processing and Safety of  Personal Data

The website is binded by the specific Policy for the Protection of Personal Data posted on the website

The website is binded by the specific cookies policy posted on the website

The aforementioned policies have a functional self-efficiency from the present terms and may be modified irrespective of the present terms. In any case, in any policy it will be explicitly stated the date of insurance, and the date of expiration.

G. Industrial Copyright

Logos and trademarks posted on the e-shop, either in illustrations or in any other section of the present website are Industrial Copyright of the Seller Company.

The Seller reserves every right to industrial property, as defined in the national and communal legislation concerning the e-shop, indicatively and not restrictively, as its name and logo “KTHMA AKRANI” or “ΚΤΗΜΑ ΑΚΡΑΝΙ”, the logo illustrating the name, the specific method of carrying out the transactions, etc.

The present is also valid for every product posted on the e-shop.

It is not allowed any downloading-extraction of the e-shop’s images, whether they depict products, or structural graphics of the shop layout to the shoppers, without a prior written consent from the Seller.

In relation to the posted photos incorporated in the e-shop, the Seller, as the exclusive beneficiary and only creator, holds the sum of copyrights (moral or proprietary) according to Law 2121/1993, as due modified.

Partial or entire republication of just the texts in the Internet, or any other document is permitted without the company’s written consent solely for non-profit reasons, direct or indirect, without any obstruction or tampering of the content and with the obligation to quote the source, namely the “” webpage. Any other use of these texts is only allowed after the Seller’s written explicit agreement.

The above described way to present the content is only applied for the texts of the blog’s sections and the presentation of the artists(does not include images), and is under involuntary restriction of the Law 2121/1993 rights and is legally articulated in the precise content of the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) -  licence.

No other reproduction by any means printed or electronic is allowed without the Seller’s permission according to the above, except for the available methods, in the present website, for republication in social networks, non-automatic copy of the content, of the hyperlink directing to it, or with news flows(RSS). In case there is not an activated possibility to automatically reproduce-share the above, there is evidence for the beneficiary Seller to prohibit it.

H. Force majeure

In the event of a force majeure, as defined in the Urban Code and the Greek Court Legislature, which lasts at least 15 continuous days, each party has the right to withdraw from every sales contract, without compensation, agreed with the e-shop and justifiably cannot fulfill it. Every unduly paid amount of money will be returned to the Shopper by the Seller, within 30 calendry days according to the present section “withdrawal from the contract”.

The Seller is entitled, in its absolute and exclusive discretion, to postpone the e-shop operation and refuse any new orders while a force majeure event takes place, without informing the Shoppers prior.

I. Final Regulations

The contract is posed to the Shoppers as present. The declaration of the Shopper’s will, declaring its acceptance, is composed from the e-shop navigation (browse wrap), with the exception those specific interactions that require clear declarations of will(click wrap), like in the processing of personal data and the placement of the order to the Seller There is no case for a partial or a cautious conclusion of the Contract.

 A refusal to accept the Contract equals the Shoppers’ obligation to cease every use of it(browsing-navigation) and not submit any order in order to conclude a sales Contract.

For any difference emerging from the conclusion of this Contract and every contract concluded between Shoppers and Seller via the e-shop, the two parts agree from now on to address the intermediation mechanisms, according to Law 4640/2019 (ΦΕΚ Α 190/30.11.2019), as due modified.

The Seller supports alternative ways of dispute resolutions and the institution of amicable settlement of the consumers’ disputes from the Amicable Settlement Committee , according to Law 2251/1994.

As long as the dispute cannot be settled, exclusively responsible are the Courts in Kos.

In the case an ordinance or ordinances of the present are judged as  invalid, then this invalidity is only for these ordinances, and does not characterize the Contract in general.

The contracting parties agree that the present Contract is in due and includes all the issues regulated from the following date and on, while it repeals and prevails every former, in the future.

Edition 1.0

* * * *

Kos, 1st June,  2021